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Know Your Team is software that helps managers become better leaders. Use our tool to hold effective one-on-one meetings, get honest feedback, share progress, and build team rapport.

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Know Your Team gives you...

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KYT beats the hell out of my old strategy of frantically googling 'questions good managers ask in one on ones' every week.

How Know Your Team works

Our methodology is based on data from 15,000+ people over 6 years. All in one place, we give you 3 complementary resources to give you exactly what you need as a manager:


  • One-on-One Meeting Tool. 100+ suggested questions, 4 agenda templates, write shared agendas and takeaways for one-on-one meetings, and more.
  • Culture Questions. 150+ questions we've researched and automatically deliver to help you uncover team insights.
  • Heartbeat Check-in. Automatic daily or weekly status update that integrates with Slack or Microsoft Teams that keeps everyone informed.
  • Social Questions. 150+ questions we've researched and automatically deliver to help you build rapport.
  • Icebreakers. Onboard new hires with non-cheesy, fun icebreaker questions.

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Knowledge Center

  • Guides. Read, data-based educational content, based on 6 years of research. (You'll get the downloadable versions too!)
  • All Workshop Live! sessions. 10+ interactive, online 60-min. live masterclass sessions and recordings on leadership led by our CEO Claire Lew.

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Online support from 1,000 other managers from all over the world. Leadership can be lonely, but it doesn't have to be. Exchange tips, best practices, and work through tough leadership issues, together, with managers from all around the wold.

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Develop the 3 skills that the best managers have.

Based on research from over the past 4+ years, we've found the best managers are great at 3 skills:

  1. Trust: If you don't build rapport as a leader, nothing moves forward.
  2. Honesty: If you don't speak the truth to your team, problems fester.
  3. Context: If you don't get everyone on the same page, confusion sets in.

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The Know Your Team questions and corresponding rituals have quickly become a fundamental method towards growing our culture. It's become a natural process of near daily learning as we grow closer together as a team.