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Introducing: Teams!

We launched support for multiple teams. Now, it’s easier than ever to have several – or all!– of your teams using KYT at your company. Possibly the most frequent thing I’d hear from managers who’ve been using Know Your Team was: “I would love to use Know Your Team with multiple teams in my organization… What’s…

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online leadership workshops

Introducing Workshop Live! ⭐️ Our online leadership workshops

Get unlimited access to 60-minute, interactive, online leadership workshops led by me, Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Team, when you become a Know Your Team member. For the past six years, I’ve run leadership training workshops in-person for CEOs, executives, and managers all over the world. They’ve been so effective, we’re now packaging up what we…

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Good Process vs. Bad process

The vast majority of engineers I have worked with are somewhat control-freaks. It’s something that’s hard to avoid when your job basically revolves around just two things: shipping features and preventing things from crashing. In the process of doing these two things well, we create best practices like code review, code conventions, performance practices, test-driven…

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After 5 years of bootstrapping a profitable business with 15,000+ users, we raised $500,000 with Here’s why.

We’ve been profitable since Month 1 and never raised any money – until a few months ago. Raising money for the first time in 5 years. We’ve been a two-person company, serving 15,000+ people in over 25 countries, for the past five years. Originally, we were a spin-off from Basecamp. Since then, we’ve been profitable…

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