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Should you do performance reviews?

Based on input from 1,000+ managers in our Watercooler online leadership community, here’s what to consider if you’re thinking about doing performance reviews. “Should I do performance reviews?” A manager recently wrote this to me. We’d arrived at the middle of the year (already?!), and he was curious if he should kick-off bi-yearly performance reviews…

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Employee engagement survey questions

The 32 best employee engagement questions with the highest response rates

If you’re looking for the best employee engagement survey questions, these 32 questions have the highest response rates in Know Your Team – and share four distinct characteristics. “How engaged are my employees, really?” We ask ourselves this, as leaders – and then write our employee engagement surveys questions, determined to find an answer. Yet…

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Signs you're micromanaging your team

Am I micromanaging my team?

Here are the 5 most telling signs of micromanagement – and what you can do instead. I won’t tell anyone:  You think you might be a micromanager. Argh. If there were scarlet letters for a bad manager to wear, “m-i-c-r-o-m-a-n-a-g-e-r” would be among them. But, how do you know if you’re a micromanager, for sure? …

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Managing managers

Managing managers: How’s it different?

Six things to consider when managing managers instead of individual contributors. “What’s the biggest difference between managing managers versus managing individual contributors?” I recently was asked this question at a conference I spoke at in the United Kingdom. Then a few days later, funnily enough, this same question was the central topic at a panel…

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