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improve employee retention

The 3 Stay Conversations: The best way to improve employee retention

Improve employee retention by having these three one-on-one meetings with your staff once a month. We all want to improve employee retention. The question is how? Our knee-jerk answers to this question can feel opaque. Pay, perks, and promotion opportunities could matter… but to what degree? Employee recognition programs or more social activities could be…

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leadership training program

Global Manager Learning Path: Our 1-year leadership training program for new managers

If you’ve always wanted to deepen your leadership skills, apply to the Fall 2021 cohort of our Global Manager Learning Path. “I’ve never participated in any sort of leadership training program… How am I supposed to lead well?” If you’ve found yourself asking this, you’re not alone. Most of us, as leaders, are promoted into…

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Stop Asian Hate

Stop Asian hate.

In the wake of the murders of Asian women, we as leaders have agency and leverage to stop hate. “How are you doing lately, Claire?” I’ve been asked this over calls and in meetings over the past 13 days. Quite honestly, I have not been doing well.  In the wake of the murders of Asian…

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