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Introducing: KYT for Enterprise

Know Your Team is now available for organizations with 1,000+ people. Support hundreds of managers in your organization with our tools and resources for manager development. What’s the best way to support managers in an organization with 1,000+ people? You have several options: You could invest in creating homegrown learning development programs for your managers…

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remote communication

5 communication best practices for remote teams

Here are the most imperative – and most overlooked – communication best practices for remote teams. An endless barrage of Zoom meetings. Non-stop Slack pings. This is your new normal, and it feels bleak. You think to yourself: “Communication best practices for remote teams must exist…right?” You’re having a hard time imagining the way you’re communicating…

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Giving feedback remotely

Here are 5 practices for giving feedback remotely that help encourage behavior change even at a distance. “Lost in translation” only begins to describe the perils of giving feedback remotely. How do you tell someone that their tone needs to improve, without your own tone offending them and hindering the likelihood that they’ll want to…

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Introducing: Work Preferences Survey in our Icebreakers 🤝

Understand your team’s working styles with our Work Preferences Survey in our Icebreakers, so you can all work better together. Do you know your team’s work preferences? How do they prefer to receive feedback? What is their orientation around conflict? What pet peeves they have around others’ working styles? The answers to these questions aren’t…

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Introducing Shout-outs 📣: The easiest way to give positive recognition in the workplace.

Positive recognition in the workplace doesn’t have to be sterile nor contrived. We’ve made it easy to do well (especially while remote). According to a 2015 Interact/Harris Poll with 1,000 employees, 63% of employees do not think their managers give positive recognition in the workplace. Ouch. Might you accidentally be one of those managers? It’s…

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