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Icebreaker: Fun Facts & Work Preferences

Onboard new hires and break the ice in your team with non-cheesy team-building questions and insights into their work preferences.

Why Icebreakers?

First impressions matter. When we onboard a new team member, we want them to feel welcomed and understood – to have them a bit of who they are and how they like to best work. It can be hard to remember to do this as your team grows, and especially remotely. That’s exactly what our Icebreakers are for:  We automatically ask 5 -6 fun questions to help everyone get to know each other better, and 10 – 20 questions to help understand each person’s work preferences and work style.

How our Icebreakers work.

Every time you hire someone new, they’ll get an Icebreaker that asks questions around two areas:  (1) “Fun Facts,” 5 – 6 light-hearted questions that helps everyone else get to know them. For example:  “Where did you grow up?” And (2) “Work Preferences,” 10 – 20 insightful questions that reveal each person’s working style. For example:  “How you prefer to receive feedback?” The Icebreakers are sent via email or Slack – and everyone gets to see each others’ answers to it.

Build a shared team history, together.

Everyone’s Icebreaker answers are all in one place, in Know Your Team. So as your team grows – regardless of where they’re located in the world – everyone who’s new will get to learn about each person in the team. You’re building a shared team history, together, as a result.

“As a remote team working asynchronously across six countries we found it hard get to know each others personalities. Know Your Team has filled in lots of blanks.”

– Tim Burgess, Director at Shield GEO

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The Icebreakers is just one of many features you have access to as a manager when you sign-up for Know Your Team. See all the features in Know Your Team here, or learn more about the methodology behind each feature here.