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Workshop Live!: Online leadership workshops

Gain hands-on learning through our online leadership workshops taught by our CEO, Claire Lew.

Attend in-depth 60-minute trainings, led by our CEO.

Our “Workshop Live!” sessions teach you how to become proficient at a core leadership skills in a 60-minute interactive, online session. Unlike your typical webinar, these sessions are engaging, and the methodology shared is backed by data. You’ll receive live coaching and practical frameworks you can start using the very next day. These masterclass Workshop Live! sessions are personally led by our CEO Claire Lew.  

We offer attendance to these “Workshop Live!” sessions completely for FREE to the public. (The recordings are only available to paid Know Your Team subscribers.)

Watch our Workshop Live! session on How to Manage a Remote Team Well here.

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Upcoming sessions include:

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Get unlimited access to all our “Workshop Live!” sessions when you upgrade to the full paid version of Know Your Team. When you do this, your entire team gets access to our sessions recordings, as well.

This way, you can revisit our sessions on “How to Coach an Underperforming Employee” or “How to Give Honest Feedback” when you need it most – and share it with your team, at any time.

“The live workshops are insightful, concise, and thought-provoking.”

– Jason Turan, VP, Data & Analytics at Healthcare Bluebook

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