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Tag: Entrepreneurship

To be a good manager: 8 ways to avoid your opinion swaying your team too much

A good manager knows their opinion can influence their team sometimes TOO much. Here’s how to compensate for that. When you’re a manager, something interesting happens: You mention an idea off-hand, and all of sudden, it becomes a priority. You casually ask a question out of curiosity, and all of sudden, everyone scrambles ASAP to get…

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Don’t “empower” anybody: The biggest leadership mistake you can make

I hate the word, “empowerment”. It’s often inhibits us from becoming a good leader. I hate the word “empowerment.” I never think I should “empower” anyone — especially our team, here at Know Your Team. It’s often a leadership mistake, in my mind. Why? The definition of the word “empower” is: to give power to (someone); to…

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