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The Watercooler: Online community

Get advice from 1,000+ managers from all over the world on critical leadership topics.

Where do you go to talk about leadership? Here.

Books are one-sided, conferences are expensive and time-consuming, and your go-to mentors and advisers are not always available (nor do they always have the answers you’re looking for!).

Missing a place for leaders to learn through meaningful conversation without being present in-person, we created The Watercooler, our online leadership community in Know Your Team. In this highly-moderated online community with 1,000+ managers from all over the world, leaders can talk honestly about the challenges of being a leader, and to support one another.

Topics we cover in The Watercooler.

Some of the topics that our 1,000+ managers discuss include:

  • Individual Performance – One-on-one meetings, giving and receiving difficult feedback, performance reviews.
  • Remote Teams – Making the transition to remote, hiring remote, communicating while remote.
  • Hiring & Recruitment – Hiring best practices, salary range, interviews, recruitment strategies, sourcing strategies.
  • Company Culture – Organization structure, goal-setting, diversity and inclusion, team bonding events, vision.
  • Tough Conversations – Firing people, conflict resolution, inappropriate behavior, discrimination and harassment.
  • Business & Product Strategy – Growth, marketing, idea generation, business strategy, product development.
  • Benefits – Healthcare, 401Ks, paid time-off, flexible hours, equity/options, profit-sharing.
  • Books – Book recommendations/reviews on leadership.

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“It’s easy to feel isolated in leadership. The Watercooler is a daily reminder that we’re in this together and can help each other.”

– Chris Powers, Director of Engineering at Sprout Social

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