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Culture Questions

Uncover team feedback and important insights with employee pulse surveys.

Why Culture Questions?

The hardest part of getting honest feedback is figuring out what to ask. Never get stuck in this predicament with our Culture Questions – we give you 300+ recommend employee pulse survey Culture Questions that are asked one at a time to your entire team, based on 6+ years of research, that you can choose from. From these, you’re guaranteed to learn something new every single week, and create a culture of feedback in a lightweight way.

How our Culture Questions work.

We ask one insightful question to your team at a time, via email or Slack – that’s it. They can be asked once a week, bi-weekly, or once a month. We give you 300+ recommended questions, based on 6+ years of research. Everything from, “Have we been all talk and no action on anything lately?” or “Is there anyone in the team you’d like to apprentice under?” You can edit these questions and write your own. Your team can choose to answer the answer privately, or publicly. We don’t believe in anonymous feedback, as it can be counterproductive – so you’ll always know who said what.

Learn something new and surprising every week.

Our Culture Questions have helped managers improve benefits and vacation policies, streamline meetings, shift team strategy, change financial priorities, bolster customer service, and more. Once you turn these employee pulse survey questions on, you’re guaranteed to learn something new every single week, that you didn’t know before.

“KYT is a tool that brings our remote-first company closer together: it gives us greater visibility, it helps us improve our policies, and it strengthens our culture.”

– Peldi Guilizzoni, CEO at Balsamiq

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