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Heartbeat Check-ins

Get a bird-eye view of what’s going on in your team, without wasting hours in stand-up meetings.

Why the Heartbeat Check-in?

Your daily stand-ups or weekly status meetings are bloated – and frankly, a complete waste of time. But, you need a way to get your team on the same page, efficiently. What to do? This is where our Heartbeat Check-ins come in. Use our Heartbeat Check-in to automate status updates in your team. You’ll align everyone around progress, and save dozens of hours a month (and a pile of money!) by streamlining or replacing your daily stand-up meetings.

How our Heartbeat Check-in works.

Every day or week, we ask a periodic question that aligns your team around the progress they’re making. For example, we’ll ask “What will you work on today?” or “What’s your #1 focus this week?” You could also ask, once a month, “What are you most proud of accomplishing last month?” to everyone on your team. We’ll deliver the question via Slack or email, and share the answers with everyone in a summary. That’s it. Dead simple.

Keep a live, running history of progress.

At any point in time, you can get a clear snapshot of how what each team member is actually working on. Use this to prepare for your one-on-one meetings and performance reviews – and to share with new employees so they understand what progress has been made, to date.

The Know Your Team questions and corresponding rituals have quickly become a fundamental method towards growing our culture. It’s become a natural process of near daily learning as we grow closer together as a team.

– Stefan Fountain, CEO at

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