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Give employee recognition to your team in a meaningful, authentic way, especially while working remotely.

Why Shout-outs?

According to a 2015 SHRM/Globoforce Survey with 6,000 people, 86% of people believe employee recognition increases employee happiness. I likely didn’t need to even cite that statistic for you know that receiving positive feedback feels good, for ourselves included 🙂 However, we often forget to give this meaningful feedback. Or, we don’t put it into writing. Or we default to our general, “Good job!” without being specific about what we were trying to positively recognize.

That’s where Shout-outs 📣 comes in.

How Shout-outs works.

Pick a person (or several!) on your team, and write a personal note describing the work, situation, or action that you’d like to positively recognize. You can add a fun little celebratory emoji, along with it, if you’d like. Your Shout-out is then shared with the team via email or Slack. Anyone can share a Shout-out at any time to your team.

Encourage a culture of trust with peer-to-peer recognition.

With Shout-outs, you enable all your team members to give positive recognition to each other – so you cultivate a culture of trust with peer-to-peer recognition.

Additionally, we don’t have leaderboards with our Shout-outs in KYT that make giving recognition feel forced or insincere. Instead, we provide tips + guidance to encourage your team members write an authentic note, so everyone on your team is feeling gratitude and recognition in a natural, organic way.

Integrate seamlessly with Slack.

If your team uses Slack, we have you covered. Your team will never have to leave their workflow and use “yet another app” to give a Shout-out. Simply use the command ‘/shout-out’ in Slack – and that’s it! Your Shout-outs can then be viewed all in one place, so your team can feel encouraged by everyone’s positive feedback. We give soft, occasional nudges to folks people so they don’t forget to praise their colleagues for their hard work, as well.

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