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Slack + Know Your Team

App fatigue? No more. Know Your Team integrates directly with Slack.

Simplify your team’s life.

Avoid asking your team to use “yet another tool” by using Know Your Team’s Slack integration. Now your team can benefit from everything Know Your Team has to offer –daily status updates, employee pulse survey questions, onboarding new hires, building team rapport, and preparing for 1-on-1 meetings – all through the tool that they’re already using:  Slack.

Here’s how our Slack integration works.

In the “Settings” in Know Your Team, you’ll turn on the Slack Integration with one click of a button. And that’s it!  Get Know Your Team Heartbeat Check-insCulture QuestionsSocial Questions, Icebreakers questions + summaries, and One-on-One Meeting reminders delivered to your team via Slack direct messages. Your team will now be able to work better together, in the environment in which they already work.

Status updates, team feedback, team rapport – all in Slack.

Make getting status updates, asking for employee feedback, and building team rapport as natural as chatting back ‘n forth in Slack. Easy and accessible. When you use our Slack integration, you’re giving your team the best shot to engage with you and with each other, consistently over time.

The Know Your Team questions and corresponding rituals have quickly become a fundamental method towards growing our culture. It’s become a natural process of near daily learning as we grow closer together as a team.

– Stefan Fountain, CEO at

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