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A Guide to Managing Remote Teams

If you’re a first-time manager of a remote team, or a manager who’s transitioning to work from home, this free guide – with 60+ pages based on research – is for you.

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Managing remote teams well

Are you a first-time manager of remote team? Start here.

Few practical resources exist on how to exactly manage a remote team well. So, in 2019, we surveyed 297 remote managers and employees, cited conversations from 1,000+ managers in our leadership community in Know Your Team, and distilled research on remote work from the past 10 years. The result? Our CEO Claire Lew wrote 11 chapters on best practices for managing remote teams, based on this research. 

Here’s what is in our Guide to Managing Remote Teams.

Based on our research we cover these topics…

  • What Remote Managers Do Differently
  • How to Communicate Well as a Remote Manager
  • Process and Tools:  How to collaborate effectively when your team is remote
  • How to Build Social Connection in a Remote Team
  • Performance Management in a Remote Team
  • Onboarding and Training in a Remote Team
  • Hiring, Compensation, and Benefits in a Remote Team
  • Managing Up, When Remote
  • Transitions:  What do know and do before becoming a remote manager
  • Setting Employees Up for Success in a Remote Environment
  • Getting the Rest of Your Organization Onboard with Remote Work

You can also watch our 60-minute online training for managing remote teams.

Our Workshop Live! session recording on “How to Manage a Remote Team Well” is 100% free and open to the public, as well. During it, our CEO Claire Lew covers best practices on communication, collaboration, and performance management in remote teams, based on data collected over the past 6 years working with 15,000+ people. Watch the recording + access the slides here.

Want more resources for remote managers? Look no further than Know Your Team.

When you subscribe to Know Your Team, we give you 14 guides, just like this, on topics such as a “Guide to One-on-One Meetings” and a “Guide to Building Trust”. Not only that, but our software also gives you essential tools as a remote manager: Our tools help you hold effective one-on-one meetings, share status updates, build team rapport, and get honest feedback… all while your entire team is remote.

“This book is amazing. A “mic drop” piece of content, and I’ve read quite a few “remote work tips” articles over the past few weeks.”

– Netta Kivilis, Founder & CEO at Blue Seedling

Ready for more resources + tools as a remote manager?

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