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We recently held an event on “How to Manage a Remote Team Well” — and made the recording and slides 100% free and open to the public. In this session, our CEO Claire Lew covers best practices on communication, collaboration, and performance management in remote teams, based on data collected over the past 6 years working with 15,000+ people.

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Our 60-page “Guide to Managing Remote Teams” is now free. It’s based on a survey from 297 remote managers and employees, cited conversations from 1,000+ managers in our leadership community in Know Your Team, and distilled research on remote work from the past 10 years.

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When you sign up for Know Your Team, we give you access to all our event recordings, just like this, on topics such as “How to Coach an Underperforming Employee” and “How to Run an Effective One-on-One Meeting”. Not only that, but remote managers all over the world use Know Your Team to hold effective one-on-one meetings, share status updates, build team rapport, and get honest feedback — all for remote teams.

The live training events are insightful, concise, and thought-provoking.

Jason Turan, VP, Data & Analytics at Healthcare Bluebook

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