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Build social connection in your remote team

Periodically, we ask a fun, light-hearted questions called Social Questions and Icebreakers that helps everyone in your team get to know each other better. For example, one week, we’ll ask, “Who was your favorite band 10 years ago?” or “How do you like your eggs?” We give you 300+ questions to choose from, and the question is delivered via Slack or email. After folks respond, everyone can see each others’ answers (and comment and react to it, too! 💜).

It might seem innocuous — but it’s a huge hit in a team, often sparking further conversation over lunch or in a Slack channel.

Learn more about our Social Questions and Icebreakers.

Get automatic status updates from your remote team

Every day or week, we ask a “Heartbeat Check-in“: A periodic question that aligns your team around the progress they’re making. For example, we’ll ask “What will you work on today?” or “What’s your #1 focus this week?” You could also ask, once a month, “What are you most proud of accomplishing last month?” to everyone on your team. We’ll deliver the question via Slack or email, and share the answers with everyone in a summary. That’s it. Dead simple.

Learn more about Heartbeat Check-ins.

Make your one-on-one meetings high leverage, while working remotely

Make the most of the video chat 1-on-1 meetings with your direct reports. This is where our One-on-Ones Tool helps: You can schedule 1-on-1 meetings, write a shared agenda, keep track of takeaways, and use 100+ suggested one-on-one questions and agenda templates — all supported by best practices from 2,000+ people.

Learn more about the One-on-Ones Tool.

Read our 60+ pages free “Guide to Managing Remote Teams,” backed by research

Our 60-page “Guide to Managing Remote Teams” is now free. It’s based on a survey from 297 remote managers and employees, cited conversations from 1,000+ managers in our leadership community in Know Your Team, and distilled research on remote work from the past 10 years.

Make sure to read the free guide here →

Watch our 60-minute online training for managing remote teams

Our Workshop Live! session recording on “How to Manage a Remote Team Well” is 100% free and open to the public, as well. During it, our CEO Claire Lew covers best practices on communication collaboration, and performance management in remote teams, based on data collected over the past 6 years working with 15,000+ people.

Watch the recording + access the slides here →

KYT is a tool that brings our remote-first company closer together: it gives us greater visibility, it helps us improve our policies, and it strengthens our culture.

Peldi Guilizzoni, CEO at Balsamiq

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