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Rather than spend thousands $$ on an executive coach or rely on an AI bot that regurgitates only conventional wisdom — receive personalized on-the-spot coaching from a KYT leadership expert within 72 hours. It’s all part of our platform at $179/mo or $125/mo billed annually.


Reference our every-growing library of leadership case studies

Learn from fellow leader’s real-life situations and what they wish they would’ve done differently…

I prioritize underperformers and 'forget' my top-performers.

Understanding the strategy and learning tactics to best coach top-performers on your team.

Leading performance reviews as a new manager.

Tactics for having productive performance conversations when you are a new manager.

Performance reviews are tied to salary.

Strategies to have a performance conversation, even when it is tied to salary, the ability to get a raise, or a bonus.

Is my team member defiant or unskilled?

Understanding if your team member doesn't agree with your feedback or doesn't have the skill set to meet your expectations.

Team member taking too much time off.

Navigating the conversation around a team member being absent an abnormal amount.

Introducing a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP).

Introducing a PIP without your team member getting defensive.

Addressing a condescending team member.

Addressing a team member who tends to talk down to others due to their vast knowledge and technical expertise.

Addressing disconnected employees in uncertain times.

Re-energizing and motivating your team when things feel uncertain.

Staying aligned when vision is constantly changing.

Vision is constantly changing while I am trying to keep my team aligned with the organization.

Sharing concerns without being labeled a 'problem'

Raising a concern without being thought of as difficult or incompetent.

Navigating office gossip about relationships.

How to approach a new relationship in the office that has become the subject of gossip.

I need to pass along someone else's feedback.

I need to navigate the challenge of giving feedback to a manager based on feedback I received from their direct reports (indirect observations).

And many more…

I am stunned by what I learn.

Allison Wasilewski, Director of Operations at Arrival Artists

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