“How can I expense Know Your Team’s Leadership Development Platform?”

It’s easier than you might imagine! Many organizations have an education or L&D budget that you can apply for to cover the cost of our Leadership Development Platform product. Here are some recommendations on how to do this… 😀

Tips on reimbursement

  1. After you purchase the KYT Leadership Development Platform product, you’ll receive an email from us that has an invoice attached. You can directly forward that email and invoice to your finance team or supervisor to request reimbursement. (If you need any help adding any custom information to the invoice that your company might require, please feel free to reach out to us at support@knowyourteam.com.)
  2. Share what leadership skills you’re personally wanting to develop — and how developing those skills will directly contribute toward the organization’s goals and add value to the organization’s success.
  3. Share a copy of our product overview and link to a trial of the product, so they can take a peek at the product themselves and get a sense of the topics covered, etc.
  4. Compare the investment of the KYT Leadership Development Platform ($125/month billed annually) to alternative training programs ($5000+), or 1:1 coaching packages ($10,000+ month).
    • For example, you can say or write: “KYT Leadership Development Platform is “75%–90% more cost-effective than live training or coaching programs for leadership training.”

Reimbursement letter template


I was highly interested in enrolling in Know Your Team’s Leadership Development Platform product: https://knowyourteam.com/m/training

(If you’re not familiar with Know Your Team, they’ve trained 20,000+ leaders over the past decade, including managers from organizations such as Airbnb, Pixar, Shopify, and more.)

I know we deeply value self-improvement here at [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. And, I’m keen to level-up and add even more value to my team as a manager. I believe the Leadership Development Platform product can help me even further make progress towards our organization’s goals.

A few highlights from the Leadership Development Platform product:

  • Contains 120+ on-demand lessons, 100+ built-in reflection exercises, monthly live masterclasses that provide group coaching, and peer support from leaders all over the world.
  • Covers the trickiest topics for leaders to master including: How to give and receive difficult feedback, how to create a culture of accountability, how to manage a high-growth team, how to lead with emotional intelligence, and more.
  • Based on research distilled over the past 30+ years, and focused on helping leaders apply what they learn — not just passively engage with the learning.
  • Consistent participant feedback from the training has been that it’s "the best thing I’ve ever done for my professional development."

I’m particularly excited to apply these skills to our most pressing priorities at [YOUR COMPANY NAME]. The more I can improve my capacity to support my team, the greater progress we’ll be able to make as an organization, in the long-run.

The product costs $125/month, billed annually. Once enrolled, I can access all the on-demand learning paths, live events and more, at anytime throughout the year to continually learn and consult it when I face a tough challenge. If you like, you can review the product details here: https://kyt.tips/training-overview

Or you can even poke around in the product yourself in a free trial here: https://knowyourteam.com/m/signup_for_training

Curious what you think?

Thank you!


Let us know how it goes! 🎉

We’d love to hear from you on what was helpful in your process, as we’ll share them with other fellow managers as well. Or if you have any questions, please reach out to us at support@knowyourteam.com.

Excited to have you benefit from the Leadership Development Platform product, regardless. 😀

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