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If you're a first-time manager, recently promoted as a manager, or feel like you have no idea what you're doing as a manager, Know Your Team is for you. Use Know Your Team to hold more effective one-on-one meetings, get honest feedback, and build team rapport – all in one place.

We give you Tools, a Knowledge Center and a Community to develop the 3 skills the best managers have: Trust, Honesty, and Context.

Here's how it works

I've been using KYT's One-on-One tool with my team for a few months now, and the level of engagement with my employees has increased substantially.

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Use our software tools that simplify your day as a leader, and save you time. Integrate with Slack and Microsoft Teams, so you don't have to leave your current workflow.

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Build trust to help your team work well together...


Break the ice in your team by asking non-cheesy get-to-know-you questions and learning each other's work preferences. It's a great way to build trust, introduce new team members, and help everyone acclimate to each others' working styles.

Learn more about Icebreakers


Give positive recognition to your team members in a meaningful way. Our tool makes it feel easy and natural to share peer-to-peer employee recognition and encourage a culture of trust.

Learn more about Shout-outs

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Communicate honestly to avoid blindspots in your team...

One-on-one meetings

Schedule and prepare for your one-on-one meetings, so you can make the most of that time together. Use 4 different meeting templates, 50+ one-on-one questions, and more.

Learn more about One-on-one Meetings

Culture Questions

Uncover how your team feels about the work and culture by asking 1 rotating insightful question. With 150+ questions to choose from, you're guaranteed to learn something new.

Learn more about Culture Question

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Create context so your team knows what's going on...

Heartbeat Check-in

Get everyone on your team on the same page with a weekly or daily, status update. It's just one question, that saves time, and updates everyone on their progress.

Learn more about Heartbeats

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Knowledge Center

Educational Guides

Management books don't cut it. Their fluffy generalities and lack of examples don't help you learn. Management trainings don't fit the bill, either. They are time-consuming, expensive, and a one-time thing.

Our written guides are different. You're short on time, as a manager – so we wrote our guides to be breezy, practical, and no-nonsense. Based on data from 15,000+ people, we give you specific techniques you can put into practice immediately the next day.

All your team members also get an "Employee Version" of each guide, specifically written for individual contributors.

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Workshop Live!

Looking for more hands-on learning? In the Know Your Team platform, we host 60-minute, online, live masterclasses led by Claire Lew, CEO of Know Your Team. Receive live coaching and useful frameworks you can put into practice immediately as a leader.

Learn more about Workshop Live!

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"It's lonely at the top," people say – but it doesn't have to be. In our highly-moderated online community 1,000+ managers, you get support from people who've gone through the exact same challenges you're facing.

Here are some of the topics we cover:

News - Books, talks, articles, courses or anything worth sharing and discussing.

Company culture - Organization structure, goals, values, mission.

Individual performance - 1-on-1s, feedback, reviews, career growth, promoting people.

Hiring & Recruitment - Best practices, salary range, job description, interviews.

Tough Conversations - Inappropriate behavior, harassment, firing people, conflict.

Benefits - Healthcare, 401ks, paid time off, flexible hours, equity/options, profit-sharing.

Remote Companies - Challenges of building a great remote environment.

More... Growing the business, product strategy, work-life balance, social events.

Learn more about our Community

Manually curated bi-weekly summaries with the most interesting subjects discussed by the members.
Hundreds of threads covering all the challenges faced by 1000+ leaders from all over the world.
Group video sessions & AMAs with members hosted by Claire Lew (CEO of Know Your Team)

With KYT, I'm able to thoughtfully plan my 1:1s instead of totally winging them. Plus, I have the ability to review past conversation notes and really feel like I'm being a valuable manager.

- Natalie Nagele, CEO and Co-founder of Wildbit

As a remote team working asynchronously across six countries, we found it hard get to know each others personalities. Know Your Team has filled in lots of blanks.

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