Which product is right for you?

If you’re unsure if you should use our Leadership Development or our Tools — or both — here’s our recommendation based on your leadership journey so far…

For First-time Managers

If you’re a new manager, first-time manager, or manager without any formal training…

We highly recommend starting with the Leadership Development Platform to gain a foundation of knowledge as a leader. (Once your team grows to 5 people or more and you’re ready to start applying the best practices you’ve learned team-wide, then we recommend using our Tools).

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For Leaders of Growing Teams

If you’re a leader with a team of 5 people or more…

You’ll benefit from applying best practices around 1:1 meetings, status updates, and performance feedback with your team. As a result, we recommend using our Performance Management Tools).

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For High-Growth Organizations

If you’re a leader at an organization looking to support your new managers…

We recommend starting with the Leadership Development Platform for Teams to establish shared leadership frameworks organization-wide. (Then, a few months later, when your managers are ready to start applying their learnings, we recommend introducing the Tools to your team.)

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