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Introducing our Manager Training Product

Hi, I’m Claire, CEO of Know Your Team.

Are you startup CEO, Co-Founder, CTO, COO, or Head of People searching for the quickest path to becoming a high performing team? If so, you may be overlooking the key to your answer: Upskilling your internally-promoted managers is one of your greatest levers.

Leadership is an overlooked lever for productivity. Research from 11,000 interviews has shown how effective management can account for a 30% increase in team productivity.

“Good intentions” leadership isn’t enough.
You’ve been internally promoting your high-performing individual contributors (ICs) to be managers. However, what made them excellent ICs does not translate to being excellent leaders, despite their good intentions. Only 1 in 10 managers have the innate talent to lead, all the other 9 desperately need training.

Typical training falls victim to the “Knowing-Doing” gap.
You give your managers books to read, hold internal L&D sessions, or perhaps enroll them in a one-off manager training session… but it flows in one ear and out the other. Researchers have a term for this: The “Knowing-Doing” gap – our propensity to know something is the right thing to do, yet our inability to enact it.

The solution: Contextualized Learning.
No matter how many books, bootcamps, or coaching sessions you put your managers through, unless they get the content they need exactly when they need it and get to practice it in their day-to-day, nothing will stick.

And you’ll want to do it fast. Waiting a day longer to help a manager be equipped with the skills they need is a disservice to everybody involved.

You don’t have to solve this alone.
We’ve spent the past decade distilling research across 30+ years and training 20,000+ people to create a leadership upskilling platform focused on addressing these exact challenges.

Let us do the heavy lifting for you. Schedule a demo today and make leadership your competitive advantage.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Claire Lew
CEO, Know Your Team

The most highly recommended training solution.

Most L&D solutions have -8 NPS on average. Comparatively, for Know Your Team…


would recommend a KYT training to a friend, peer, or colleague


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Most attendees said it was the best training they’ve ever attended in their professional career and felt it was super actionable.

Emily Allen, Director of People Operations at SEER Interactive

Research-backed on-demand learning paths that fit into a busy manager’s schedule

From the past decade training 20,000+ people, we’ve identified critical curricula that a manager should learn in a rapidly changing environment. We designed “Learning Paths” around these specific areas:

  • Starting as a New Leader
    Foundations of Leadership, Primer for a New Manager, Giving and Receiving Feedback Well, How to Set Vision, and more…
  • Leading in a High-Growth Environment
    How to Lead High-Growth Teams, How to Coach Employees, How to Lead with Emotional Intelligence, and more…
  • Dealing with Performance and Engagement Issues
    How to Improve Morale, How to Create a Culture of Accountability, How to Fire an Employee, and more…
  • Managing a Remote Team
    How to Lead Well Remotely, Effective Communication Practices, Building Trust in a Team, and more…

It’s all flexible and personalized: A manager can select their own learning path, and participate in 15–30 minute chunks, on their own time. Rather than asking them to carve out 3 full days for in-person or via Zoom training, you’re giving them the support they’re yearning for while respecting their already full calendars.

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We provide volume discounts for 5+ managers in an organization.

Live monthly masterclasses that provide on-the-spot coaching, insight and deeper learning

Once a month, we’ll run a live masterclass session, personally run by our CEO Claire Lew and Leadership Trainer/Coach Jenny Nichols. These sessions help managers apply their learnings to specific scenarios and receive feedback on what they could be doing better. Typically, these sessions are open to all managers who participate in our Learning Paths, so your managers will have an opportunity to learn from other managers outside your organization — we’re always happy to work with you to customize this aspect.

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The two biggest benefits for me are the value behind the events, where every topic feels like a must-attend one, along with the guides where you can just lose yourself for hours given the high-quality, informative content.

Mihai Fonoage, VP Engineering at Modernizing Medicine

In-depth Guides with 80+ chapters based on data to further knowledge and provide common, shared language

Information overload is real. That’s why we took all the data, research, and literature written on leadership in the last 50 years and streamlined it for your leaders, so they can access best practices all in one place. Instead of your leaders trying to haphazardly learn on their own by sifting through dozens of books and podcasts, they now have one central resource they can always come back to. And, all your leaders can be aligned around the same leadership frameworks and language, so making organizational progress is more focused and aligned as well.

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Integrated reflection exercises that supports and sustains learning

Learning isn’t static — we learn best when we interact with what we’re trying to learn. Studies have shown this time and time again. As a result, we’ve built-in integrated reflections that help your leaders internalize what they are learning, rather than go, “Wait, what was that again?” Additionally, your leaders will be able to read their fellow leaders’ reflections, if they so choose, which helps unlocks greater nuance and perspective for how they could be improving as a leader.

Shared insights from 1,000+ other leaders to encourage wider perspectives and a sense of accountability

As a leader, it’s easy to feel that you’re alone. That you’re the only one facing a certain issue or struggling with a situation. As a result, our Training provides space for all our participants to share how they’re choosing to apply their learnings and level-up as a leader. This way, your leaders never feel alone in their learning, and benefit from a sense of shared encouragement and accountability.

I have learned so much about being a better leader from KYT. Since using KYT, I feel more confident in my leadership role and have a place to go when I want to improve my managerial skills.

Natalie Sterling, Customer Support Manager at You Need a Budget

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We provide volume discounts for 5+ managers in an organization.