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No longer have your managers leading “trial by fire” 😅. Know Your Team levels up your managers quickly and effectively at scale.

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Upskill your leaders in the most challenging topics,
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Well-intentioned leadership only gets you so far.

Your internally promoted leaders have good intentions — but they often times make beginner mistakes, as they were promoted for their IC abilities. You know they’d benefit from upskilling around critical leadership practices.

Yet traditional training + e-learning solutions fall short.

Traditional training often has archaic content, happens one-time, and is pricey. E-learning solutions aren’t engaging and don’t give any opportunities for managers to practice what they learn.

Introducing Know Your Team.

Our Leadership Development Platform turns traditional training + e-learning on its head: Know Your Team fits into the flow of your manager’s schedule and learning preferences, rather than fighting against them.

See how it works…

120+ flexible, bite-sized lessons

Managers only need to spend 5–10 minutes at a time to quickly get upskilled in the most crucial leadership skills.

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Searchable scripts, templates and data

Utilize 100+ cheat sheets and 80+ guide chapters, all annotated so it's easy to find what you need and implement it.

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Ongoing assessments to track learning progress + program ROI

Gain an in-depth insight into strengths + opportunities for growth for your managers, custom learning recommendations, and data for ROI.

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Continuous, in-depth practice + live coaching

Live leadership masterclasses and 100+ reflection exercises give managers space to internalize what they’re learning.

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Take a peek at some of the lessons, firsthand…

Inclusive Leadership
4 lessons
Managing a High-Growth Team
4 lessons
How to Set Vision
4 lessons
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
6 lessons

Beloved by managers, our trainings speak directly to managers, not at them…


would recommend a KYT training to a friend, peer, or colleague.


would want to attend another KYT training in the future.

It’s something I feel like every leader who wants to lead intentionally would greatly benefit from.

Chelsea Todd, Manager of Customer Support Operations at BetterUp

Every event feels like a must-attend one, along with the guides where you can just lose yourself for hours.

Mihai Fonoage, VP Engineering at Modernizing Medicine

Most attendees said it was the best training they’ve ever attended in their professional career and felt it was super actionable.

Emily Allen, Director of People Operations at SEER Interactive

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