Lead your team with care.

You want to bring everyone together without a false note of “kumbaya,” align your team without invoking Big Brother, and encourage honest feedback without force-feeding performance reviews. How? That’s where we come in…

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Know Your Team helps you…

Replace traditional performance reviews

with a culture of feedback

Hold effective one-on-one meetings

with 100+ 1:1 questions, templates, and more

Keep your entire team in the loop

by automating your status update meetings

Give employee recognition in an authentic way

by creating the habit of positive affirmation

Onboard & get to know your new hires

with non-cheesy, insightful questions

Build rapport and social connection

by uncovering surprising common threads

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KYT both saves me time as well as allows me to properly prepare for more fulfilling conversations, which my teammates so richly deserve.

Steve Groves, VP of Technology at Start.ca

Develop 3 areas that high-performing teams with healthy cultures have

Based on data from 30,000+ people over 8 years, we've found that leaders with high-performing teams and healthy team cultures invest in the following 3 areas:

  1. Trust: If you don’t build rapport in your team, nothing moves forward.
  2. Honesty: If you don’t speak the truth to your team, problems fester.
  3. Context: If you don’t get everyone on the same page, confusion sets in.

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The Know Your Team questions and corresponding rituals have quickly become a fundamental method towards growing our culture. It’s become a natural process of near daily learning as we grow closer together as a team.