The Know Your Team Method

Leadership is hard. This is obvious.

What's not obvious is:

How do you become a better leader?

We've been stewing on this question, "How do you become a better leader?" for the past 4+ years. We collected data from over 15,000 people across 25 countries, interviewed hundreds of managers and employees, and distilled 50 years worth of management studies in search of an answer.

From our research, we observed that the best managers are exceptional at three skills:

  1. Trust: If you don't build rapport as a leader, nothing moves forward.
  2. Honesty: If you don't speak the truth to your team, problems fester.
  3. Context: If you don't get everyone on the same page, confusion sets in.
Merging theory with practice

You don't become a better leader by just reading management books. You've got to apply what you've learned, talk about with peers what's working and not, and understand what other leaders in other companies have done.

Know Your Team combines theory with practice. We created 3 complementary resources that you can use to become a better leader:

Knowledge Center - To acquire a baseline knowledge, we've written in-depth guides, based on data from thousands of people. Becoming great at anything always first requires a deeper understanding of what's worked for other people, and what hasn't.

Tools - To apply what you learn from the guides to your own team, we give you software tools that automate and simplify many of the techniques we discuss in the guides. From one-on-one meetings to introducing new employees to getting honest feedback, technology can save you time and energy.

Community - To help you stay on track and get advice on specific issues you're facing as a leader, we give you a community of 1,000+ managers to support when you're struggling the most. Leadership can feel like a lonely journey, but it doesn't have to be.

We believe it's the combination of these three resources – Knowledge Center, Tools, Community – that focuses on helping these three skills – Trust, Honesty, Context – that helps you truly become a better leader. We refuse to slap on software, and say it'll solve everything. Nor do we just tell you to "read the guides," and call it a day. We're excited for you to use all three resources, to develop these three skills, as you need them.

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