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How to Set Vision
4 lessons
Effective Remote Communication
5 lessons
Managing Up
6 lessons
How to Lead Well Remotely
4 lessons
The Feedback Loop
5 lessons
How to Coach Your Employees
4 lessons
How to Fire a Team Member
5 lessons
Leading with Emotional Intelligence
6 lessons
Foundations of Leadership
5 lessons
How to Improve Team Morale
5 lessons
Managing a High-Growth Team
4 lessons
Building Trust in a Team
4 lessons
Primer for New Managers
4 lessons
Coming soon
Performance Conversations
6 lessons

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The Hard Conversations
Firing someone. Discussing a raise. Giving sensitive feedback. How do you best tackle the hardest conversations as a...
Managing Managers
You're a leader who is now leading other leaders. What changes? How should you evolve your thinking, coaching, and...
The Start-up / Scale-up Guide to Upskilling Your Managers
You want to grow your leaders... fast. As a start-up or scale-up – where things are changing every day – you need a...
How to Create a Leadership Operating Model
You've internally promoted a bunch of managers... Now what?

Most of them have never been in leadership positions...

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One-on-One Meetings
9 chapters
Rethinking Performance Reviews
10 chapters
Shifting Culture
8 chapters
Sharing Info in a Team
8 chapters

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