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We designed learning paths around the most challenging leadership situations, with 120+ on-demand lessons you can choose from.

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How do we actually retain what we’re learning?

Studies show self-reflection increases a person’s performance and helps them translate learning into action, even more than directly practicing the task. Our lesson reflections help you avoid forgetting what you’ve learned so that you can level-up up even faster.


Add your own notes and reference cheat sheets for every lesson

Each lesson has a concise and easy to reference cheat sheet, written by our trainers, covering the key concepts that you need to remember.


Connect with and learn from fellow leaders just like you

Being a leader can feel isolating… which is why peer support is critical. We give you direct access to connect with thousands of other leaders — and create a space for our community of leaders to share what’s working and not working for them.


It’s all fully searchable

Every one of our lessons, guides, cheat sheets (and all of your notes) are searchable. When you’re facing a tough situation, or just need to quickly review something before a meeting, it’ll be easy to find.

It’s something I feel like every leader who wants to lead intentionally would greatly benefit from.

Chelsea Todd, Manager of Customer Support Operations at BetterUp

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