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The most complete leadership training for all managers in your organization.

We call it the “Manager Learning Path” – an innovative combination of custom leadership trainings + coaching paired with our software app.

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How do you encourage true behavior change?

With typical trainings, learning often enters one ear only to shortly exit the other ear. To avoid this, we combine (1) our live educational trainings with (2) ongoing monthly spot-coaching, (3) unlimited leadership advice PLUS (4) our simple software app, so learning sticks

If sustained, supported behavior change for your managers is your goal, then our “Manager Learning Path” is the solution for your organization.

Research-back live leadership trainings, delivered personally by our CEO.

Throughout the year, your managers attend five foundational, 90-minute trainings that help them learn the most critical leadership skills:

  • Foundations of Leadership:  The mindset shift required to be successful as a leader
  • The Feedback Loop:  How to give and receive feedback well
  • How to Coach and Motivate Employees:  Holding effective 1:1s, creating a high-performing culture
  • How to Set Vision in a Team:  Aligning the team and encouraging progress
  • Remote Leadership:  Best best practices and mistakes to avoid

Then, 3 to 6 months after the foundational trainings, we run a “Manager Masterclass”that helps managers apply the skills to real-life situations they’re facing. This helps to maximize learning retention and applicability.

Monthly “office hours” on-the-spot manager coaching + unlimited leadership advice

To help managers spot-check and fine-tune their leadership skills, we offer a monthly “office hours – a 2-hour block of time for coaching, which managers can sign-up for 15min. spot-coaching sessions to discuss a challenging situation they’re facing.

With our “Leadership Advice” service, your managers also can email our team for unlimited leadership advice on any topic, confidentially, with a 48 hour response time. 

Simple software for all managers, that supports + sustains learning.

All managers will get access to the KYT software, so they can apply their learnings from the training and coaching. Managers will be able to run better 1:1 meetings, build rapport, get feedback, and more. Our software has helped managers at 500+ companies like Airbnb and Dropbox. Our software membership includes:

  • One-on-ones Tool to make the most out of one-on-one meetings
  • Icebreakers to onboard your team
  • Social Questions to build rapport and social connection
  • Heartbeat Check-in to automate status updates
  • Shout-outs to recognize your team membership publicly
  • All 80+ Knowledge Center Guides chapters
  • All slides and recordings of previous Workshop Live! sessions
  • Access to our online leadership community with 1,000+ managers

““Most attendees said it was the best training they’ve ever attended in their professional career and all felt it was super actionable.”

– Emily Allen, Director of People Operations at SEER Interactive

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